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Club Meetings

Club Meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of every month

except November and December

Next Meeting

Saturday March 17th, 2018

10:00 AM

Meeting Location


Jetero Flying Field



February 17, 2018 Jetero Meeting Minutes


President Larry Rogers called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM at the Jetero Field Clubhouse. There were 26 members present.


November 2017 and January 2018 meeting minutes were read and accepted.


Treasury Report : Bank Account Balance = $6897.51. Savings Account Balance = $10887.12.

Income = $3030.14. Expenses = $812.93. There are 75 Regular Adult, 10 Lifetime, 3 Junior,

3 Household, and 2 Associate members for a total of 93 paid members. A total of 12 previous members did not renew. A full detailed budget will be available by the May 2018 meeting, but a quick snapshot at this time shows we have enough funds to cover projected expenses for the year with a surplus of about $2000.


Field Report : Wet with weeds and crabgrass on the centerline. It was suggested that manual pulling of weeds and keeping the field mowed short would keep this under control at this time.


New Members : Robert (Mike) Hamilton, 9 years of RC experience flying 3D and gassers.

David Goodwin, a former member who is rejoining. Both have paid club dues and both were voted in unanimously.


Wings : None


Guests : Marshall Davis, former member who is thinking of rejoining this Spring.


Old Business : It was noted that the field sign still needs the correct phone number posted. Clubhouse heaters have been obtained and will maintain a very comfortable temperature in the building. Thanks again to Horace Cain for his donation and to Larry Jordan for purchasing the heaters.


New Business : After research, Larry Rogers reported that a self-treatment for termites could be accomplished for about $200 and some volunteers to dig and fill a 3” deep by 5” wide trench around the clubhouse. Any repairs to the clubhouse (door, wall, etc.) could then be made after waiting 90 days.


Club flight trainers were discussed. It was decided to sell the current trainers and obtain an EP Apprentice to be kept at the field. Two almost new Apprentice trainers aircraft are available at minimal cost to the club. A motion was made and passed unanimously to sell the current  trainers and Tommy Matherne volunteered to collect these at the field and get them sold.


Larry Rogers informed the members that Charlie Adams was still in the hospital and is not doing well.


A “High Wing Hoedown” Fun Fly has been scheduled and AMA sanctioned for June 23. A food truck will be available on site and a landing fee of $25 will be charged, which will include lunch.


A reminder that the 22nd Anniversary Fly In is scheduled for March 24, 2018.


Model of the Month : None


Next meeting will be March 17, 2018 at 10:00 AM at the Clubhouse.


Meeting adjourned at 10:26 AM.